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2016 Bee Conference
Tees for Bees 

2016 OSBA Conference at the Oregon Gardens

Dr. John Skinner, U of Tennessee; Dr. Tom Seeley, Cornell; Dr. Ramesh Sagili, OSU; Andony Melathopoulos, OSU; Dr. Elina Nino, UC Davis

     These cheeky Bee Funny t-shirts were born out of our love of puns and a desire to give a little something extra to our amazing honey bee researchers at OSU.  100% of the profit goes right to Dr. Ramesh Sagili and his awesome team!  Whether  the shirt you buy has a famous quote or a clever inside joke for beekeepers, people in general will bee curious and enjoy a little bee education/conversation. 

     New design ideas are welcome and encouraged.  This year, we added our "Bee Happy" and "The Birth of Beekeeping" tees from the suggestions of OSBA members at last year's conference (Thank you Renea and Wendy!), and we added the kids sizes for the best-selling Pooh shirts. 

     If you find the size you want is out of stock; a men's small fits a medium woman.  But also, you can request to be added to the next order of shirts to be printed.  Just send us your specifics.

     Shipping costs are estimated, and if your order can be shipped for less I will issue a partial refund. 

     We like to have fun and bee silly at Beetanical and we hope you do too!  So go out there and BEE FUNNY!

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