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Honey each day keeps the doctor away!

Here is something I came across recently that I found rather enlightening. I mean, we all know honey is amazing and so good for you, but what is actually in honey?

"In 2014, Ron Fessenden says in its book “The new honey revolution” Honey contains more than 180 different substances that have been isolated from various honey varietals. These include 5 enzymes, 6 different vitamins, 8 distinctive lipids, 12 minerals, 17 trace elements, 18 different acids, 18 amino acids (proteins), 18 bioflavonoids (also known as antioxidants), and 26 aroma compounds. In this regard, honey is more like a fruit than a sugar.

For example, in 100 g of apples versus honey, here are the numbers as collected and reported in “Der Apfel – ein bewährtes Hausmittel neu entdeckt”, 1998, a book written by H. Buchter-Weisbrodt and U. Schöber:

Vitamin Apple Honey

B1 .02 - .06mg .003 - .03mg

B2 .01 - .05mg .02 - .06mg

B3 .05 - .17mg .11 - .36mg

B5 .05 - .13mg .02 - .11mg

B6 .04 - .06mg .008 - .32mg

Just some interesting food for thought...

P.S. Apparently, our meadowfoam honey has gotten some rave reviews on the facebook page for Eugene Foodies. Good job, honey bees!!

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